Why don't we take the double-decker
coach to the volcano?

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I often asked myself this question and many more when I accompanied as a tour guide with 50 people excursions on Fuerteventura. Where are they the locals? I would like to introduce the Majoreros to the tourists. This delicious rustic cuisine also had something special, but there was more international lunch on many bus tours.

So the idea came to show the natural island of Fuerteventura with its barren beauty differently, in a small setting. The contrasts, the soft shapes and the many corners that are not in any travel guide, that was exactly what i liked.

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The authentic Fuerteventura with many details and love for the country and people should be the focus. I was also looking for an environmentally friendly option. My tours should integrate into island life, leaving a positive ecological footprint. A balance between natural resources and sustainable tourism is paramount. It is also about the service idea, which should give guests a "home feeling". The tours are offered in small groups usually with 8 people.

This resulted in 4 selected tours. Most excursions are hikes to the remote corners of the island combined with typical local gastronomy. Since 2021, new ideas have been incorporated to enable new experiences.

The island of goats Fuerteventura is known for the local Majorera goat and the healthy goat cheese. Goat herders and cheese dairies are an integral part of the history of Fuerteventura. So came the idea of getting this topic close to touch.

The three young goats Nube, Rayo and Torito became an integral part of Fuerte Authentic Tours in 2016. The thick Torito as a model for our logo and later the siblings became trained walking goats for our guests. Why they are so popular with the locals can now be felt, looked at and enjoyed on the guided hike with the Mähh goat family.

This project is also a possibility for local farmers. So the tapas tour goes to local fincas and offers interesting tours. Thanks to the good cooperation, this guided tour presents the local life every week and what you can grow on the desert-like island of Fuerteventura. You certainly do not come closer to the local life during the holiday on the island.

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Fuerte Authentic Tours is a way of life and our contribution
to sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism in Fuerteventura,
which is still in its beginning.