Hiking - 10 days in OcTOber  

1st day arrival

2nd Day In the Footsteps of the Past

The summit of the holy mountain

Fuerteventura's mountains are still barely discovered. That's why this tour is not in any travel guide. We designed it for our hiking week.

After just a few minutes on foot, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the island's countryside. Far away volcanoes, gentle ridges, washed-out valleys and white houses appear.

The official hiking trail takes us to the top of Mount Melindraga. At its highest point with over 600 meters of altitude, the silence of the lonely barren landscape and a wonderful panoramic view captures us. Even the vegetation changes with each altitude meter.

The first settlers used this sacred mountain for their ceremonies and so there is still some evidence that life on Fuerteventura was possible hundreds of years ago.

icon adventurer  Hike        icon circle   Circular hike      icon time2  2.5 hours hiking     picnic basket  1 hour snack     

icon mountain 02  Highest point 620 meters     icon route  Distance 9 km, medium level

3rd day Sea breeze

Beach walk Risco del Paso to Morro Jable

Sun, turquoise blue sea and fine desert sand.

This is Fuerteventura's face in the south of the island. The largest Canary Island offers endless beaches to explore on foot.

Let yourself be motivated by the fresh sea breeze to walk from the Risco del Paso to the nearest village Morro Jable. Only a few black volcanic stones and rock faces interrupt the more than 30 km long white sand beach of Sotavento.

With our bare feet through the fine sand we walk along the shore and enjoy the movement in the fresh air. The sun's rays have a vitalizing effect and make the landscape shine.

In the former fishing village of Morro Jable we take a break and stop in a small bar to relax and have a drink. With a view of the sea, we end the morning. If you want, you can go for a swim. The sea gives us strength and energy, the islanders say. Refuelled with many positive emotions, we set off on our way back.

The transfer picks us up in Morro Jable and takes us back to the hotel.

icon adventurer  Hike     icon rightarrow   One direction      icon time2  3. 5 hours hiking     icon coffee  1 hour coffee stop

icon mountain 02  Highest point 50 meters   sea waves  Along the shore   icon route  15 km, level easy

4th day sunrise on the east coast

Hiking, snorkeling and tapas

When the sun rises over the sea, a special atmosphere is created. And that's exactly what we catch when we walk early in the morning from Giniginamar to Tarajalejo along the coast. The small path is hardly known and so one very rarely meets other hikers.

Small bays and dark beaches meet us on this tour. What is interesting is the world of the tiny sea creatures that you find on the coast. These include crustaceans, mussels, fish and snails that use the harsh volcanic rock as their habitat.

On arrival in the authentic village of Tarajalejo there is the possibility to swim and marvel at the underwater world with mask and snorkel. Not far from the bathing area, we stop at a restaurant. On the route overlooking the water, a local meal awaits us.

icon adventurer  Hike     icon rightarrow   One direction      icon time2  3 hours hiking     picnic basket  1 hour tapas

icon mountain 02  Highest point 150 meters   sea waves  Along the coast    icon route  8 km, level easy 

5th day Fuerteventura's heart at your feet

Betancuria walk  &  visit to the museum

Betancuria was awarded as one of the most beautiful places in Spain. No wonder, because the town centre is adorned with small restored houses, palm trees, floral splendour and a lot of history, which you can discover in the first church of the island.

It is hard to believe that the sleepy village was once the capital of the Canary Islands and was founded in 1404.

Also special is the monastery and the chapel of San Diego de Alcala. The monastery of San Buenaventura can be found as a ruin a little away from the town centre and offers a picturesque backdrop to start our walk.

A small path connects these historic walls with the church square of Betancuria. Not far away, the archaeological museum was recently reopened, providing insight into the island's past.

Betancuria has only 80 inhabitants and today has the character of a museum village. The alleys and shops decorate our walk through the village. Typical canarian culture is shown by the beautiful patios and small terraces. With their Canarian serrenity they offer a pleasant place to drink and linger.

icon walk  Easy walk      icon circle   Circuit     icon time2  1.5 hours walk   icon venus  1 hour museum visit

icon coffee  1 hour coffee stop   icon mountain 02  Highest point 50 meters    icon route  4 km,  level very easy

6th day The cave and the secluded beach

Hike to the hidden corners of the island

The fascination of Fuerteventura you will find in the hidden corners, which hardly anyone knows. So we came across this circular hike only by chance and amazed ourselves that after almost 20 years on the island even we discover new things.

The trail is easy to walk and is surrounded by the Cuchillos de Vigan of a mountain range. On closer inspection, one discovers an infinite number of other entrances to small caves, which were used as dwellings. The first settlers mainly fed on their goats and fishing. For this reason, the remains of shells and walls used for cattle breeding can still be found today.

After a break on the beach, where we enjoy a picnic, we continue our hike.

The island of Fuerteventura is known for its goat. During this hike we will see free-living animals, as there is a goat farm on our way. The most beautiful view is on the hiking trail, which takes us up to 400 metres of altitude.

icon adventurer  Hike        icon circle   Circular hike      icon time2  3 hours hiking     picnic basket  1 hour picnic    

icon mountain 02  Highest point  400 meters on the coast     icon route  Distance 10 km medium level

7th day Wild Romantic Beaches

West Coast with sunset

During this guided hike we will show you where to find three remote black beaches. North of the village of La Pared, the rugged coastline shows its full beauty.

A special experience is the petrified light sand dune right by the sea. That's why we take a break here to let the contrast of the untouched nature work and to take unique photos. The black volcanic rock reaches far into the ocean and breaks the waves not far from our route.

Surrounded by a desert landscape, we find an ideal place to enjoy a snack of typical products of the island.

Unforgettable is the sunset overlooking the ocean. The most beautiful sunsets can certainly be seen here in the outdoors of La Pared.

Enjoy the view to the horizon and listen to the stories of your guide, who will bring you closer to this pristine area. In small groups, Fuerte Authentic Tours allows you to discover the island of Fuerteventura individually.

icon adventurer  Hike        icon circle   Circular hike      icon time2  2.5 hours hiking     picnic basket  1 hour picnic    

icon mountain 02  Highest point  90 meters     icon route  6 km, light to medium level

8th dayA "cortado" pLEASE 

Short hike and walk through Gran Tarajal

Shopping and coffee in the typical Spanish village

From Las Playitas to Gran Tarajal you can reach the coast via an old path. A wonderful view accompanies us on the 5 km walk until we arrive in the Spanish village.

In Gran Tarajal, everybody can watch Spanish life on his own and secure a spot in the small village square.

Fishing boats and pleasure boats are located in the harbour, while the promenade connects the main restaurants and shops.

How about ordering coffee in Spanish today?

icon adventurer  Hike        icon rightarrow   One direction      icon time2  1.5 hours hiking     sea waves  2 hours time for Gran Tarajal       

icon mountain 02  Highest point  300 meters   sea waves  Along the coast   icon route  5 km, level easy

9th dayGoat trekking special

Hiking with goats and farm visit with BBQ

Five goats go hiking with you and show the way to the mountains of El Cardon. You will be impressed by our trip with the goats, because you can touch the animals and feed them all the time. Take your best photos with the island goats while the animals walk freely.

These are the only goats in the Canary Islands that go on a hiking tour. They were trained from an early age the walks, which makes them loyal partners.

Your guide will tell you about the local tradition of goat breeding while the animals graze.

The view from the hill to the coast is unique, due to the light and shadow play. An absolutely majestic view, which has a special effect in the evening hours.

Back at the goat stable we show you what else belongs to the Ecofarm La Rosa Salvaje. Fruits and vegetables of the season by their unique taste. At the end of our hiking week we grill together on the finca and review the last days.

icon adventurer  Hike        icon circle   Circular hike      icon time2  3.5 hours hiking     icon cactus 04  2 hours time for farm visit and barbecue    

icon mountain 02  Highest point  200 meters    icon route  8 km, light to medium level

Optionalsummit climber

Pico de la Zarza highest elevation

Still power and energy? Great. How about a classic? The highest mountain Pico de la Zarza is located in the south of the island and is easy to climb on your own.

If you are interested, you can find opinions and the route at this link:

Whats App: +34 617 694 067

Pick up included in front of your hotel in the south of the island.
Starting point: Morro Jable behind the Occidental Jandia Playa Hotel

Cancellation policy

To receive a full refund, travelers may cancel up to 24 hours before the experience start date in the local timezone. No refunds will be given after that time period.

Fuerte Authentic Tours reserve the right to cancel a customer's booking for a full refund in case of:

Bad weather
Not enough travelers to reach the minimum

icon adventurer  Hike      icon rightarrow    Same way to the top and back to the staring point 

icon time2  4 hours hiking     icon cactus 04  1 hour break

icon mountain 02  Highest point  807 meters    icon route  13 km, level medium to heavy

10th dayDeparture



590,00 €

/ person 8 hikes

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picto route 01

fuerte tours tapas min

Tapas tour

Get to know  a different side of Fuerteventura on our Tapas Tour , try cultural and traditional appetizers. Find out about and taste the local products direct from local farms. 

5.5 h
1.5 km
+ 100m

check mark  cactus fruits & mojo sauce, alioli
  check mark olive oil tasting and local pruducts
  check mark goat cheese & gofio, wine

65,00 €

HIKING Volcano hike and farm visit video
Fuertevetura Vulkan und Finca Tour 1

Volcano hike and farm visit

This Tour is only available from the 1st of September to 15th of February. Breathtaking volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura. Enjoy absolute tranquility far from civilization during the guided walk.

5.5 h
6 km
+ 350m

check mark  wine tasting
  check mark snack with tomato salad
  check mark goat cheese, bread, olive oil

57,00 €

HIKING Wild coast & legends video
hiking wild coasts thumb min

Wild coast & legends

Hike on ancient shepherd's paths and learn more about the legend of the patron saints. Visit the tiny chapel and make a wish in this traditional place. Experience the rough west coast with a bizarre rock gate. See pristine beaches and hear more about a life from long-forgotten times. Enjoy a typical lunch.

5.5 h
8 km
+ 200m

check mark coffee stop
check mark  guided hike
check mark  insurances

57,00 €

ANIMAL EXPERIENCE Hiking with Goats video
trekking goats thm min

Hiking with Goats

Thats' s unique in the Canary Islands. Now the goats go for a walk. Get to know the goat family and discover the lovely outdoors on a guided hike. 

5.5 h
6-8 km
+ 100m

check mark snack with goat cheese
  check mark wine
check mark olives, bread

59,00 €

romantische thumb 02

Wild romantic beaches

The view of the rough west coast is breathtaking. After just a few minutes walk, the power of the waves, the petrified sand dune and the sea will impress you.

4.5 h
5-6 km
+ 100m

check mark  red wine
  check mark goat cheese
  check mark bread, olives

57,00 €

vip cheese making fuerteventura min

Goat cheese workshop

Learn how to make your own goat cheese. Touch, smell and make a cheese with your own hands. Enjoy cured and semi-cured goat cheeses and other varieties.

4 h
0 m

check mark  cheese workshop on a farm
  check mark cheese and wine tasting
  check mark guided farm tour

140,00 €

surprise mn

Special moments

Pure romance for the marriage proposal, design a special birthday or just say thank you. How about an individually designed day?

4 h

check mark  private guided tours
  check mark special concepts for special moments
  check mark local snacks and drinks 
check mark  personal contact person

from 120,00 €

hiking 10 days min

10 days in OCTOBER

Fuerteventura's outback is still barely discovered. That's why these tours are not in any travel guide. We designed them for our hiking week. Beaches, mountains, volcanoes, museums, local food and local knowledge in one package. 

10 days
 700 m

check mark  guided hikes in small groups
  check mark snacks included
check mark  transport by minivan and insurances

590,00 €

family adventure2 th


What can you do in Fuerteventura with children? How about our goat family tour?
Highlights are the guided walk, the typical local picnic and the decorated and painted natural materials.

3 h

check mark  pet-friendly
  check mark guided walk
  check mark local snacks and drinks 
check mark  handcrafting

39-59,00 €


picto route 01


emilio marques Fuerteventura Tourguides

Emilio Marqués

Emilio comes from Gran Canaria and was fascinated of Fuerteventura since childhood. The wave and the sea is his great passion. He has travelled halfway around the world to surf. Through his studies in tourism he speaks 5 languages and is also an experienced guide on land and water.

tina min

Kristina Zeidler

Kristina swapped her home in Berlin for the desert island of Fuerteventura in 2003.  Life sometimes goes unknown ways and so she can hardly believe it to have realised her dream of her own project Fuerte Authentic Tours. As a tourism specialist and state-approved tour guide, she loves to design new tours. She has always wanted to work with animals and people. On the goat trekking excursion, she combines her interst in animals with insider knowledge about Fuerteventura.

annemarie min

Annemarie Duijker

Annemarie was stranded on Fuerteventura 25 years ago and quickly knew that this magical island would never let her go. Originally from Holland, she was attracted to Fuerteventura by the best climate in the world and the hospitality of the locals. Annemarie is a horse lover and spends her free time with her horses and dogs in the outdoors. As a licened hiking guide, she is a professional partner and makes everyone smile with her easy-going manner.


Daniel Verweij

Daniel was born in Fuerteventura. He speaks 4 languages fluently and supports our tours whenever he can. As a marketing student, he is the youngest in the team. He is popular with our guests because he is always open minded and friendly.